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Photo Diaries

I have always liked the looks of the old civilian Power Wagon and so decided to look in earnest for one. Imagine the shock I got when the first day I looked in the classified section of the paper and saw a 1954 (the year I was born) Dodge Power Wagon for sale. I was at a friends house at the time and the call was local from there so I called and got a location and an invitation to look at it at any time. Two hours later and I was there. It had a plow on it that was to stay but it was street legal a daily driver. By now you must know someone upstairs was steering me. Well the $1500 price tag seemed to me at the time a little pricey. I offered $1200 after 4 days of trips to look at, drive and even plow snow with it. The owner said if I could give him 50% down I could have the PW for $1200. I gave him $1200 then and there and we drove to the notary and did all the paper work. My dad had driven me out to look at the truck so he was to follow me home. I hopped on I-90 for the 30 mile trip home. After going just one exit I pulled over. Dad came up and asked what the problem was. I had to ask him if I had been going over the minimum speed limit. He laughed and said barely. I told him I was stopping by a friends house and that I would be okay. HELLO MR. MURPHY ARE YOU AWAKE NOW? I made it to Lynne's house and we decided to take my truck to the store. Well lights got dim and the engine started to cough and then right at the intersection while I was at the front of the pack SILENCE. I tried to restart but not even a click. Well, Lynne called some of our friends to help us get the beast off the road. If you have ever tried to push one of these 5000+ lbs truck you'll call 'em beast also. Once it was in a parking space it was back to Lynne's to get her car. From there to the store where I bought a new battery. Well that got me home. Next day I looked close and saw that when the truck was converted from 6V generator to 12V alternator a proper mount for the alternator had not been properly mounted. After making a solid mount that passed my dad's inspection I drove the truck to a local alternator repair shop for testing. The verdict was a dead alternator so I had it rebuilt with added output as I want plenty of electrical power.

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